Day 27: MLK Day Hoops Breakdown!

GSW 115 v. 113 LAL

Are the Warriors playoff contenders?

Not gonna lie I had this circled as a blowout and didn’t watch the first half. It got interesting in the third and I turned it on assuming Curry was going off but to my surprise he wasn’t? he did hit the dagger at the end but he had 26 PTS on 3–12 shooting from the three and Warriors still managed to beat the Lakers with Oubre(23 PTS) and Paschall(19 PTS)combining for 42 PTS. Brad Wannamaker(4 PTS) also provided some crucial buckets to close out this game.

This should have been an easy win for the Lakers after they went up by 19 PTS but they got careless and let this Warriors team which was fighting all the way through come back. I’m sure that if this was the playoffs Bron(19 PTS) and AD(17 PTS) would have taken care of business so nothing much to worry about. Schroder was their leading scorer with 25 PTS.

BKN 125 v. 123 MIL

Scary Hours in Brooklyn!

Middleton’s(25 PTS) shot was halfway in before it popped out and the Nets secured the win. The Nets came out here to prove the point. To prove that they were for real. Yes, all of their starters scored in double figures lead by KD(30 PTS) and Harden(34 PTS). But the problem is the bench which combined for 15 total points. At some point the starters are going to get tired and someone needs to pack a punch off the bench.

The stars on the Bucks showed up and Middleton took over in the fourth but they simply cannot match the offensive power of KD and Harden which means that they need to develop better defensive schemes. They have elite defenders in Giannis(34 PTS 12 REB) , Holiday(22 PTS), and Middleton. There are only a couple of teams in the league who can actually guard the Nets and the Bucks are definitely one of them. Also the final play was horribly drawn up.

MEM 108 v. 104 PHX

Grizzlies are on the rise!

Two of the youngest teams in the league played a very exciting game with the Grizzlies coming out on top and improving to a their win streak to 5. Ja Morant(17 PTS) is different. He’s definitely a leader and a franchise player. He showed his worth last night as he had an insane assist to Grayson Allen(16 PTS) who drained and three from the corner to give them the lead and then Ja iced the game with a tough shot himself.

All the Suns starters scored in double figures but they got not help off the bench and Devin Booker was getting clamped on the court as he scored 12 PTS on 5–21 shooting and missed a dunk in the clutch. This could grow into a potential rivalry in the future and I’m absolutely here for it.

NYK 91 v. 84 ORL

RJ Barrett has shot himself out of the slump!

Aaron Gordon could not find a bucket in the clutch as Barrett(22 PTS) and Randle(21 PTS) took turns scoring for the Knicks. The Knicks only made 5 threes and still managed to win the game as they hustled and played good defense. Vucevic had 24 PTS and 12 REB but their main problem is their guard play. I know Cole Anthony is a rookie but he went 2–12 from the field for only 6 PTS as a starter. The Magic sorely missed Fultz.

ATL 108 v. 97 MIN

Those jerseys are fire.

All the Hawks starters scored in double figures as they finally found their form with Hunter scoring 25 PTS and Capela scoring 23 PTS with 15 REB. The Hawks still only made 11 threes but playing against one of the worst offenses in the league they didn’t need many to win. D’angelo Russell who scored 31 PTS and was the only bright spot on the Timberwolves.

SAS 125 v. 104 POR

With CJ out Dame(35 PTS) couldn’t single handedly carry the offense as 6 players on the Spurs scored in double figures lead by old man mid range god Aldridge(22 PTS) who was being guarded by Kanter(9 PTS). The Spurs shot 53% from the floor as their bench combined for 59 total points leading the Spurs to a blowout win.

MIA 113 v. 107 DET

Bam Adebayo(28 PTS 11 REB) had arguably his best game of the season as the Heat finally snap their 3 game losing streak. Herro and Butler are still out but Dragic (22 PTS) and Robinson(18 PTS) combined for 40 PTS as the Heat shot 57% from the field in this win. Jerami Grant once again put up big numbers and with 27 PTS and 6 AST as the Pistons lose their 10th game this season.

CHI 125 v. 120 HOU

Can the Bulls make the playoffs?

7 Players on the Bulls scored in double figures lead by Lavine with 33 PTS as they made 20 threes shooting at a clip of 44% from beyond the arc to beat the new look Houston Rockets. The Bulls took advantage of second chance points as they had 10 offensive rebounds compared to the 2 by Houston.

Oladipo didn’t look right in a Houston jersey but he did look right with the team as he 32 PTS with 9 AST and almost lead them to a win in his debut. Christian Wood once again dropped 30 PTS with 9 REB and should easily be in consideration for MIP.

TOR 116 v. 93 DAL

How much is your win streak Lowry?

The Raptors are finally putting it together as they are on a 3 game win streak as the Mavs seem to be falling apart with a 3 game losing streak. Lowry(23 PTS) and Boucher(21 PTS) combined for 44 PTS with Powell providing 17 PTS off the bench. But the real reason they won was because of their defense they had Luka on clamps and Tim Hardaway couldn’t hit a shot to save his life.

To all the Mavs fans who were saying they missed Tim Hardaway last game do you still miss him? 0 PTS on 0–12 from the field are you kidding me? Luka only took 11 shots and made 4 of them for 15 PTS he should easily be taking more shots given his caliber.



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