Day 21: New heroes are born in tough times.

PHI 137 v. MIA 134

Dig deep and come through no excuses.

Joel “MVP” Embiid(45 PTS, 16 REB) who wouldn’t even play back to backs literally put the team on his back on a back to back. None of these teams should be playing with only 8 players. The Heat didn’t have Butler, Bam, or Dragic but this does not understate Embiids achievement in anyway because he was getting double and triple teamed in the post. Danny Green remembered how to play as he put up 25 shots and scored 29 PTS.

The only silver lining of these games is that we get to see the rookies and bench players in the rotation with Maxey(16 PTS), Mathias(3 PTS), and Joe(13 PTS) combining for 32 PTS. Herro played Hero ball last night as he scored 34 PTS and kept the Heat in the game for a long time. Duncan Robinson(26 PTS) and Vincent(24 PTS) also combined for 50 in this tough loss.

BKN 122 v. 116 DEN

The slim reaper is back!

The Slim Reaper (KD) dug the Nets out of a 16 PT grave as he scored 34 PTS and made multiple daggers to ice the game. The Nets shot a scorching 60% from the field and 50% from three as the Nuggets who are ranked 25th in defensive rating couldn’t stop them. Bruce Brown who is now starting in place of Kyrie is doing a pretty good job with with 16 PTS on 8–11 shooting.

Every single game the Nuggets play you can see the glaring loss of jerami Grant on the court. Jokic can get his 23 PTS 11 AST and 8 REB, Murray can get his 20, and Barton can get his 22 but who’s gonna stop KD? it used to be Jerami Grant who guarded the best player on the opposing team. The Nuggets need to find a defensive stopper if they want to make a playoff run like last time.

LAL 117 v. 100 HOU

The Lakers were just having fun out there with Lebron(26 PTS) hitting no look threes. Houston can’t be taken seriously until Harden(16 PTS) leaves which he made pretty clear last night. The team cannot function as a whole without everyone buying into the program and the process. I feel for Stephen Silas who has to deal with this in first year as a coach. The only way to fix this situation is to get rid of Harden ASAP.

I apologize if I don’t pay much attention to the Lakers. I think we all agree they are the consensus team favored to win it all and I know I will be watching them in a lot of playoff games so, I prefer watching other teams.

IND 104 v. 95 GSW

Myles with had some clutch threes for the second time this season.

After a bad loss to the Kings the Pacers bounced back with a win against the Warriors as they went a 12–0 run to close out the game. Myles Turner is growing into a better scorer he lead the team last night with 22 PTS and 12 REB while Brogdon(13 PTS) and Sabonis(18 PTS) struggled.

I never though I would be saying this but Andrew Wiggins is growing into a defensive stopper with 20 blocks this season while also being the high scorer on the team last night with 22 PTS.

SAS 112 v. 102 OKC

It’s a team effort!

The Spurs snapped the Thunders 3 game win streak as 5 players score in double figures lead by Lonnie Walker with 24 PTS. SGA only took 10 shots last night and made 7 of them for 20 PTS. He is clearly their best player and should be taking at least 18 to 20 shots a game and if he did last night I believe that they would’ve won the game.

UTA 117 v. 87 CLE

Major players on the Cavs are injured and the Jazz made light work of them last night. The jazz made an astounding 24 three pointer shooting at a clip of 53% from the field. Mitchell had first efficient game of the season with 27 PTS on 9–15 shooting leading the Jazz to their 3rd win in a row. The Cavs lost their guards and future players to injury so they really cannot do much on the offensively, but they still have the 2nd best defensive rating in the league.



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